The upper deck is your “terrace” from which to view the beautiful, age-old Murray River panorama. You’ll find a spa big enough for six, a full-size barbecue and not one but two bar fridges, all shaded by an extended canopy. Perspex and steel railings, granite benches and modern mesh chairs add to the streamlined, sophisticated feel. A perfect place to bask after breakfast, or to raise a glass as the glowing sun goes down.



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Simply Irresistible has revolutionized the industry with its contemporary design and materials.

Appliances are in gleaming stainless steel, benches in black and white granite. The 12-seat dining table is glass, the sling seats leather. Opulent couches in cocoa suede and the warmth of the timber flooring add rich textures to the mix. The four bedrooms, each with ensuite bathroom, are decorated in white with matching snowy linen. All windows are fitted with the latest E screens, rather than blinds or curtains, for coolness and privacy.

The high-capacity electrical system runs a large, two-door electric fridge-freezer with icemaker where other boats use gas. This, and the state-of-the-art equipment in the gourmet kitchen, mean you can entertain with ease, and travel further and stay longer between stops to re-stock supplies.
The full-size home theatre system and the CD sound system are built in, along with storage and preparation areas. This creates plentiful space, even with the maximum 12 people on board.

The smooth sweep of the interiors, the clean lines of stone, glass and steel, and the restrained palette of cocoa, red, white, charcoal carpet and timber create an atmosphere of almost Oriental calm. Instinctively you will start to relax.

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